Now reduce delays while discharge using technology

Delays in discharge process is a common problem faced by hospitals. One of the reasons is irrelevant workflow. But DocEzzy is here to solve your problem by planning out a systematic discharge process.

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Now Pilferage can be avoided in Pharmacy

One of the problems faced by Pharmacy department is employee theft also known as pilferage. This problem is intensifying day by day, but there are ways to mitigate it.

Pilferage can be reduced by using software that can keep a track of the In and Out stock in the pharmacy. Instead of the conventional method of managing the details by keeping registers, it is much more convenient and precise to enter the details in the software which will avoid misplacing the data. The software can also provide an alert when the stock needs to be refilled.

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Essential Resources for Efficient Hospital Management

With rapid growth of technology, it is important for the service providers to transform accordingly. The same applies to the healthcare providers that need to change them for providing better healthcare services. We have complied list of resources that can help improvising Hospital Administration.

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Regulating Hospital Administration becomes Easy

Hospital Management is growing steadily and is becoming an indistinguishable part of the Healthcare Industry. It is imperative for the hospitals and healthcare providers to do their job in a very efficient manner. The administration has to daily face challenges due to the extreme inward flow of the patients. Previously the administration was being managed manually that might lead to number of errors. Then began an era of HIS which remarkably reduced the errors. Hence, today most of the hospitals run on HIS. But selecting a perfect HIS for your hospital is not an easy task. Few factors need to be considered before and while implementing HIS. Some of these factors are noted below.

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