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How automation in analytics alert is helping hospital administrators

Hospitals with vision of patient centred care are ready to make investments in Healthcare IT and a good HIS. Every hospital administrator is looking for tools in their systems, which can provide them with automated analytics about the performance of the key processes. Insights from this data can be used to make their services better.

Hospital analytics can be around service quality, waiting times, re-hospitalization, monitoring discharge process. Hospitals can also use some of these tools even in clinical data monitoring.

Web-based alerts including daily emails on key parameters of service quality have shown tangible improvement in the hospital as it distributes comprehensive information to appropriate staff. Time-critical and high quality health safety alerts helps monitor compliance. Thus, hospitals need to understand the value of analytics, in the pursuit for better patient outcomes and efficient use of resources.

We believe automated notification is a necessary tool to support coordination of care in the new delivery models, such as the patient centred medical care.

Analytics and Regular Alerts modules in DocEzzy HIS helps you achieve a lot about your hospital set up. You can call us for a demo of DocEzzy at +91 9619935643/ +91 9833420206.

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