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How can the Image Archiving Module help a hospital?

HIS helps you run your hospital smoothly by helping you document the work easily. One of the modules is Image Archiving module wherein a doctor can store images easily to view them later. These modules have their own benefit and are used by the medical professionals for making their respective work easily.

Image archiving module helps in saving the images to the patient’s records. These images could be of any document, digital or the patient themselves. In this post we will study the use of images module in various departments of the hospital and how it can help them.

  1. Prescriptions & other documents
    It becomes difficult to store and maintain important documents of the patients for a long time. There are also some miscellaneous documents like invoices and identity documents which may be needed to be saved with the patient’s EMR. The image archiving module can help in saving those very conveniently. The results for a surgeon’s work may or may not lie on the visual changes of his patient. Therefore,  surgeons need to store huge piles of pre-, intra & post-operative images of his patients. Such storage can be efficiently managed by DocEzzy. You can easily retrieve the saved images through our app. This will save time and solve the issue of storage.
  2. Consultation
    Few doctors prefer to write rather than type. Yet they would like to decrease paper storage. In such cases, he can take an image and save it in our app.
  3. General reports
    Same as the radiology reports, general reports like blood tests or urine tests are also prone to getting misplaced. These reports are critical as they help measure the improvement in health condition. To solve this problem, one can save them by simply scanning or by clicking an image.

Just like these examples, the hospital can take benefit of the image archiving module for other departments also. The module is integrated with the HIS and the images are saved directly to the patient’s EMR. These images are saved in compressed format, so it solves the issue of storage space.

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