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Increasing patient satisfaction through better wait area management

As said by Michelle Granelli “Your waiting room is the first chance to tell patients, ’we care about you.” That means the hospital or clinic can increase the quality of patient care through proper wait area management.

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Problems faced by admin

Common Five Problems every Hospital Faces

Healthcare, like every other industry faces continuous obstacles when it comes to operations. These problems may cause serious consequences, if not solved. Most of the problems of the hospital are solved by using technology such as an HIS Software.

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Problems faced by hospitals in getting timely claim payments from TPAs and Health Insurers

In today’s world of Payer getting increasingly powerful like Government insurer making the process stricter is leading to hospital having outstanding payments with Government and private insurers and TPAs for the services provided. Hospitals need to put in place a dedicated TPA desk and processes and systems including using a robust billing and EMR system to avoid those delays or denials of their payments by TPAs. Over the past few years, the popularity of cashless health insurance has shot up several notches with obvious reasons. The major advantage of this is to ease the burden of financial losses that need to be incurred at the time of any unforeseen accident. Cashless insurance service calls for a hassle-free process in which you have to not be tensed of cash in case of any emergency. However, few challenges have to be faced while dealing with cashless health insurance claims.

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Hospital Management System

DocEzzy: Your one stop solution for efficient clinical practice

DocEzzy is a new age end to end integrated Hospital Billing, Registration & management system. It is designed in such a way that it can support clinics and also multispecialty hospitals.  It is a cloud based system that helps a hospital in managing most of its documentation digitally and enhance patient-doctor relationship. It’s not just a software, it’s a platform that can help a doctor and his patient interact with each other using various methods such as website or mobile apps.

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Regulating Hospital Administration becomes easy

Hospital Management is growing steadily and is becoming an indistinguishable part of the Healthcare Industry. It is imperative for the hospitals and healthcare providers to do their job in a very efficient manner. The administration has to daily face challenges due to the extreme inward flow of the patients. Previously the administration was being managed […]

Mobile Application

Role of DocEzzy Mobile Application

With the recent advancement in technology, we can see a steep increase in number of mobile users across the globe. Because of low cost mobile technology, smartphones have become easy to use with wide availability. It is estimated that by the end of 2016, there would be 204 million smartphone users. With this estimated number of smartphones users, it is easy to create faster transfer of information using mobile application.

A Hospital mobile application can boost brand exposures and patient loyalty while slashing communication costs.

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Now Pilferage can be avoided in Pharmacy

One of the problems faced by Pharmacy department is employee theft also known as pilferage. This problem is intensifying day by day, but there are ways to mitigate it.

Pilferage can be reduced by using software that can keep a track of the In and Out stock in the pharmacy. Instead of the conventional method of managing the details by keeping registers, it is much more convenient and precise to enter the details in the software which will avoid misplacing the data. The software can also provide an alert when the stock needs to be refilled.

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