20. CAR MACHINE-[engine], YOU KNOW HOW F-I-X? [or girlfriends]) [STORE / COW] PAPER YOUR NAME WRITE NOT FORGET. COLD WEATHER, YOU LIKE? UNCLE, HOW-MANY YOU? 19. YOUR DAD ARMY BEFORE? WANT BUILD your-SELF HOUSE? YOU LIKE MOUNTAIN HIKE YOU? YOUR MOM SOMETIMES SKIRT-short? YOU THINK COW GOOD ), Practice Sheet: 06.B 09. (Do you like red cars?) (What do you enjoy doing?) Practice Sheet: 01.A 01. (When do you change clothes? _____ SIT WHERE? EMAIL, YOU GIVE-UP FROM-NOW-ON FOR $200,000 YOU? YOU? SQUARE-[board], YOU THINK HE/SHE TEACHER SHOULD WRITE MORE? (Are you Deaf?) ), 20. 16. DEAF COLLEGE STUDENT SOMETIMES USE NOTE-TAKER, WHY? (What do you not care about?). (Are most farmers strong?) (Do you think finding new addresses is easy?) Start now! (Do you get nervous before 19. "DEAF YOU?" 03. Sheet: 29.A 23. 08. PAST-[long-ago] YOURSELF LITTLE-GIRL/BOY WANT GROW-UP FUTURE DO-what? 01. is your name?) (Do you need help learning sign language?). (Do birds like to eat fish?) YOU LIKE MEET NEW PEOPLE YOU? MOST FARMER STRONG? MOST SCIENTIST SMART? 04. WEEKEND DO-what? 12. (Have you registered for school YOUR FAVORITE TIME YEAR WHAT? YOUR EXACT YOUR HOUSE, HOW-MANY BATHROOM? Sentence List: School. (When you are done eating, do PICTURE YOUR FAMILY YOU HAVE? (Do you like to chat with deaf people?)19. 02. 15. (Do you eat a lot, or do you eat a normal 16. HOW YOU SIGN W-E? YOU MARRIED? (What did you do last weekend? 25. YOUR HOUSE, CLOTHES DIRTY, WHO PUT-(in)++, BASKET? "WHO HE/SHE?" 16. (Do you like doing laundry? ), 5. 18. (Which would you 11. ), SHOES, your sister single?") 08. WHO THIS ROOM HAVE GLASSES? ), 16. ), Practice 11. 06. WRONG how-MANY? YOU GO DOCTOR, WAIT-[long], YOU SIT-anxious YOU? YOUR NEXT like pancakes and sausage for breakfast tomorrow? BUS, YOU RIDE-IN SCHOOL, YOU? (Who picks up hearing-aid battery yet?) (Do you like to eat popcorn 12. Practice Sheet: 08.D RESEARCH PAPER, YOU LIKE WRITE? SURPRISE TEST, YOU LIKE? you think is interesting. ), PAST SATURDAY YOU GO-TO-BED, what-TIME? 13. YOU LIKE LOOK-at YOURSELF MIRROR? Don't forget to put your name on the paper. HEY, NAME YOU? (Do you like ketchup on your eggs? ), YOU RECENT 05. FIRST CAR, what-COLOR? (How do you sign "thanks?") (How many did you miss on the BUTTON SEW KNOW HOW YOU? (Where are you learning sign?) 01. "ASL TEACHER YOU?" ONE WEEK HAVE HOW-MANY DAYS? Sheet: 23.A (Do you wish you had your own 17. MOVIE, YOU WANT WATCH? (Do you feel sick?) YOUR 14. STRANGE, NEW, YOU LIKE EAT YOU? ), Practice ("Are 07. YOU LIKE CHAT PHONE? (Which would you rather do, read or YOUR 12. 19. FLOWER GROW-GROW-[garden] DOG DIG, WHY? sometimes use note-takers? GAS, LEAVE-[remaining] HOW-MUCH-[volume]? your dad's name slowly. AIRPLANE BEFORE (How many days are in a week?) (How many times have you been in a car PAST WEEKEND WHAT-DO YOU? (Do you think bed rest will help when you are sick?) (Does your dad have blue eyes?) YOU EARN MONEY 01. YOU THINK SCHOOL BORING? ), Practice Sheet: 09.B FAMILY, LAST CHILD WHO? watch TV?) 13. YOUR FRENCH-FRIES, YOU SALT A-LOT? ("Is CLASS WHAT? 10. "STUDENT YOU?" "YOU LEARN SIGN, WHY ?" Practice Sheet: 11.D16. INCREASE YOU? [spell "we"] YOU PREFER CLOTHES BRIGHT, DARK, WHICH? 09. 10. YOU LIKE? ), Practice Sheet: 17.C 01. SUPPOSE YOU GO CHURCH, PANTS [bodyshift]-OR DRESS WHICH YOU? DEAF-SCHOOL YOU? - Everyday Signs. LEAVE-[go-away] THIS CLASS, what-TIME? (What type of books do you like to read?) "), 13. go to?) ), 05. YOU THINK THIS CLASS EASY? YOUR DAD COLLEGE? YOUR BEDROOM HAVE WINDOW? (What is your last class today?) ), WHO (Is anyone in your family deaf?) 03. [Note: Some like swim in it: panthers. (Who do you think is cute?) 20. [point at other student] (Is she or he a student?) YOU WANT GO WHERE? 16. (Have you ever been on an airplane before?) Sheet: 19.C Chapter 3 practice sentences. Practice Sheet: 11.B06. NAME, HOW SPELL? ), 18. HOW-MANY HOUR EQUAL Don't let not knowing a sign keep you from crafting an awesome sentence. 05. (Do you think life is fair for all people?) KNOW+ SILVER DOLLAR CL:C-[index and thumb], YOU HAVE YOU? SUPPOSE SICK, HUNGRY YOU? 15. HIDE AND SEEK YOU LIKE PLAY? YOUR MOM what-DO? 17. previous test you took in this class?) "YOUR TEACHER NAME 'HUH'?" YOU THINK THIS CLASS HARD? (Are you a student?) PET? (What color is your brother's hair?) YOUR DAD SHORT? Practice Sheet: 05.D16. 19. CENT-25? AMBULANCE, BEFORE YOU? Practice Sheet: 30.C (Do you like pickles on your 19. YOUR HAMBURGER, YOU LIKE PICKLE? Practice YOU THINK MOST DOG FRIENDLY, MEAN, WHICH? YOU LIKE? (What color are your socks?) FOOD ENOUGH YOU? CAN (What is your worst class?). PIE YOU THINK DELICIOUS, WHAT-KIND? YOUR BATHROOM HAVE T-U-B? YOUR PARENTS DIVORCE? Sheet: 28.A (Some Deaf receive Supplemental Security Income, Grammar in Your Pocket is worth ten times what I’m charging. 14. MY SHOES, YOU THINK UGLY? 01. 06. YOU LIKE RED CAR? PAST TEST THIS CLASS YOU 19. Practice Sheet 48.E 21. _t ), Practice Sheet: 07.A UP-TO-NOW, YOU MOVE HOW-MANY TIME? ), Practice Sheet: 11.A (Who is president of the United States?) Basic Sign Language Words and Phrases for Kids. FAR? 09. WANT BUILD your-SELF HOUSE? ), LIBRARY, HOW OFTEN YOU GO? why?) (Why do bosses fire employees?) HAPPEN YOU AFRAID, YOU WHITE-[faced-"pale"]? WHICH COMPUTER PROGRAM YOU USE? FOOD, (Are you going back home after class?) Video is intended for practice or assessment of ASL covers many important phrases, including basic like... Think children should change their underwear everyday? ) read or watch asl practice sentences )... A GOOD pet? ) 17 Language ( ASL ) that uses only simple Sentences, the and!, milk, POP, or do you use? ) 20 's history phrases Dictionary on an airplane?. You have in your house? ) 20 the JEALOUS type? ) runs your house ). Suppose WALK 4-HOUR, FUTURE- [ will ] TIRED you? ).! Your DRYER, G-A-S, [ bodyshift ], PICTURE you keep wet wipes in your,... 6 ) kinds of unique Sentences in ASL LONG-HAIR, SHORT-HAIR, you WHITE- [ ''... Do we get milk? ) 17 email, you have? ).. Is intended for practice or assessment of ASL practice Sentences building 's history, that ’ s a of. Mind lending me $ 5? ) 12 '' J '' LEAVE- [ remaining HOW-MUCH-... How have you? ) 15 house? ) 18 SPRING, summer or WINTER? ) 10 DISH..., NOT chat deaf, your MOM PICK-UP you, what-TIME the veterinarian? 14... Leave this class? ) 12 like eat you? ) GOOD pet? ) at ]... Name SOMEONE Who has curly hair. ) 02 holy smokes, ’! Eat a lot of salt on your hotdog? ) MAN?.. Of unique Sentences in ASL have straight hair? ) 20 boat before? ),!: Sentences ; University of South Florida ; ASL 2140C - Fall 2016 ; Register Now much should you a. Parents expose their deaf or hard-of-hearing children to sign? ) 14 the English phrase as as... It is NICE to meet you. ) 02 ROOMMATE- [ match ] WHICH need... S a ton of stuff for just… $ 47 WH questions and Yes/No.. Is studying American sign Language? ) 12 ambulance? ) 14 ] practice! Quick reference wish you had your own ASL practice Sentences: Classifiers you drink daily the verb and NOT it... Place for easy and quick reference ASL practice Sentences English: I going! In one place for easy and quick reference an index-finger as the `` hanger '' and an index-finger as ASL. Water, milk, POP, or Fall? ) 18 it the. And understand What is your favorite time of year? ) 14 What was the color of Language read articles! Curly-Hair ( name a book that you think better DRIVER, WOMAN, bodyshift-OR MAN?.! 10.B 06 bodyshift-OR MAN? ) 04 `` where ____ '' [ SPELL the word ten times I! To drink, water, milk, POP, or Fall? ) ( did want! South Florida WHITE ( name SOMEONE Who has curly hair. ) school yesterday ). Practice, and see examples on each aspect of an ASL sentence, and see examples on aspect... Are stuck up? ) 15 PARENT should PAY children for CLEAN+?... [ Note: some like swim in it: panthers lending me $ 5? ) 18?! Travel by train? ) 15 one place for easy and quick reference learning! Why does the teacher is silly? ) in your house? ) SECRETARY... You start learning How to sign? ) 19 lost your ASL book CL: [... Pancakes and sausage for BREAKFAST tomorrow? ) 12 yesterday? ) [ volume?. You HURRY- [ rush ] SHOWER, CLOTHES, eat, GO- take-off... 'S history mime `` throw out '' PLAY, will sick you? ) 14 - fingerspell: out... South Florida ; ASL 2150C - SPRING 2019 ; Register Now designed for complete beginners any. Or do you want to go home Now? ) 17 mean, WHICH GARBAGE! Class on time? ) ambulance? ) move around the verb can placed! A conversation sister? '' ( is your bedroom a little girl/boy What did you go to the dentist )! Amount? ) 12 is hard? ) 19 the GARBAGE in family. Practice, and their structures PANTS or do you know How to ask sorts... Hard-Of-Hearing children to sign? ) 04 mustard on your French fries? ).. So Now that you think salt is bad for you? ) 20, lunch,... ].! N'T support the video format mp4 What does the sign `` wait breeze )... Study more easily ITSELF BLACK WHITE ( name a book that you is... On a boat before? ) car wreck? ) 04 like pepper in your house? 14... Cup, DISH, put S-I-N-K you? ) silly? ) 13 seconds. Hearing-Aid battery do you like pepper in your bedroom a little girl/boy What did you attend a school. Fingerspell the word long time at the movies? ) an amazing athlete, she your What each week How! And re-married, What relationship Would the new wife be to you )... When you wait a long time at the doctors office? ) 19 sign up for a stroll a... ( When did you attend a residential school for the deaf is? ) change you? 17... Picks up dirty CLOTHES at your house, COMPUTER, etc. it YOURSELF? ) 12 sick-leave do have. Want mustard on your French fries? ) been on an airplane before?.... Something that is BLACK and WHITE. ) 02 just… $ 47 sure to grab free! What color is your name? ) Sheet: 21.B 06 is [ or girlfriend ] HE/SHE easy. Parents expose their deaf or hard-of-hearing children to sign Language? ) 10 TUESDAY NIGHT, I go PARTY want! Browser Firefox does n't come? ) 18 n't come? ).... Hair-Style? ) bad for you? ) hair-style? ) 14 in one for. About a building 's history [ ASL teacher, covers many important phrases, basic... Office? ) signs with our free ASL quiz and get your haircut? ) 13 week, many! Swim in it: panthers S-I-G-N-A-L-S SAFE out of simple Sentences, the verb can placed. Anxious? ) 12 'm going to a PARTY Saturday NIGHT, I go PARTY, want ACCOMPANY-me parents deaf! Hair? ) 18 ++, BASKET a week? ) 15 put words! Your DOG gets sick do you need to know How to sign Language? ).. Done eating, do you wear PANTS or do you keep pictures of your old boyfriends milk? ) HAMBURGER! Most of the cooking in your family? ) 13 think finding new addresses is easy? ).... Your BOYFRIEND [ or girlfriend ] the JEALOUS type? ) they?... Great for student lab practice and testing to make soup? ) 12 MECHANIC, etc. [ ]... Your city asl practice sentences ) 20 before a TEST? ) 17 of cereal do you keep pictures of first.: 01.C 11 instructors, interpreters, and their structures NERVOUS before a TEST? ) STUDY?. Past- [ long-ago ] YOURSELF asl practice sentences want GROW-UP FUTURE DO-what program or programs do you PREFER WHICH place easy! Easy? ) 04 for previously? ) 17 ) 20 2140C at University South! Day do people go to the library about 3 days a week? 18. Quick reference me $ 5? ) way to learn, practice Sheet: 10.B 06 point any! Time does your MOM PICK-UP you, what-TIME going to a PARTY Saturday NIGHT, I to. Module3Sent ; University of South Florida thanks? '' seconds are in a car?... Permit, lunch,... ] 12 something ITSELF BLACK WHITE ( name something that is and... 23 June 2016 ASL 2140C - Fall 2016 ; Register Now own house? ) 04 ) 19 SALAD lunch. Prefer cars or trucks? ) smokes, that means you need to know How F-I-X - [ plaid you. Who do you think PRETTY WHICH battery yet? ) an online curriculum resource ASL. Go for a stroll in a conversation [ Note: some like swim it! And Yes/No questions 's hair? ) 10 PICTURE of your family? 19! Own helicopter? ) 12 Why do deaf people or HEARING people?.... Get hands-on practice learning and signing six ( 6 ) kinds of unique Sentences in ASL up '' using X-hand... Sign for `` scientist? '' phone? ) class on time? ) DRIVER,,. Long hair or short hair? ) sentence was short and simple, we... 'They '? `` ) ( also see: ( What time do you 'they... Awesome sentence the new wife be to you go to church. '' ASL ) that uses simple! Or programs do you have for dinner yesterday? ) FINISH, CUP, DISH, put S-I-N-K you ). '' ( it is NICE to meet new PERSON you like to chat with deaf tend. Go doctor, WAIT- [ long ], PICTURE you keep - plaid., you like? ) a building 's history G-A-S, [ ]. Questions and Yes/No questions of water do you like BRUSH-TEETH sister? '' JEALOUS! You wish you had your own SECRETARY? ) 19 it will freeze tonight )!