Lab analytics

Importance of Lab analytics

Lab analytics module is, where the reports of various tests for a specific patient, are displayed on one electronic dashboard, in an integrated manner, with present and past history. It enhances the way, clinicians make decisions about their patients.

Analytics can also help healthcare organizations remind patients to keep up with a healthy lifestyle using alerts to required checkups and unexpected  fluctuations, as well as keep track of where a patient stands in regard to their lifestyle choices.

The lab analytics consist of data providing the information about patient vitals, fluctuations. This data is used to support programs like disease management, outcomes management, cost and waste reduction, quality accreditation and predictive analytics. With the help of these functionalities, the efficiency of clinical teams will be increasing.

Getting a comprehensive view of past and present data of investigations on one screen, saves time of the clinician and helps him in making decision making faster. The seamless integration of Docezzy lab reports with the EMR helps the doctor to spend much lesser time on fetching records as they are easily accessbile from any screen and helps to correlate the results with EMR notes.

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