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Increasing patient satisfaction through better wait area management

As said by Michelle Granelli “Your waiting room is the first chance to tell patients, ’we care about you.” That means the hospital or clinic can increase the quality of patient care through proper wait area management.

One of the reasons for long wait time is the amount of paperwork patients are expected to do. Since every patient is going to spend time at the reception area to fill their details, hence the hospital or clinic goal should be to reduce the time at the registration desk thereby improving waiting experience. Also, it becomes frustrating for some patients, to not be able to go even for a small tea break to hospital canteen, as the wait times are not well informed to patients.

Wait area management solutions reduce headache of appointment setting and management for both your patients and your hospital. Technology plays a huge role in eliminating waiting room frustrations.

It is advisable to improve quality of patient care and build relationships to ensure that the patients are satisfied with your time.

Here are some points that can help build a strong bridge between patient satisfaction and hospital’s smooth workflow. And when the base is well designed it reflects that each and every patient is valued, respected and taken care of.

  1. Making the most of waiting time- Since the doctor asks a few routine questions before the actual examination that can be done via tablets. The patient himself should be made to enter all the details and his medical history with the help of digitalized forms, because this can prove the most effective way to keep patient engage in his own care.
  2. Traditional messaging systems- This can help the patient to come in a relax mood and feel a little less rushed even if he has left the house as this system will keep him well updated about the appointment schedule or any delays in the same.Also, patients whose turn would come next, can be informed via messaging, so that physician time can be saved.
  3. Coupons & Monitors- Coupons can be distributed to patients according to their appointments and monitors can display the numbers and even the wait time as per each patient examinations time with the doctor. These displays can be placed in various areas so that patient can take tour or roam around without missing on his chance.
  4. Customized media education- Even though we say that a television is an idiot box but it can do wonders if used correctly. TV’s can be installed for promoting health education. It can also contain the doctors info which the patient will be soon meeting this can make patient already feel friendly about the environment.
  5. Overall patient satisfaction- Overall meaning taking into consideration all types of patients i;e small children patient satisfaction is also very important. For this we can build stations and each one has an attached tablet to it for games, drawing and coloring purposes. It can even store some stories for visual entertainment.

Hence to improve patient’s satisfaction in wait room, we should implement some of the latest communication initiatives in Wait room, as a part of overall HIS implementation.

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