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What are the reasons for surgery cancellation & no shows?

Surgery cancellation may occur due to the following reasons:

  1. Last minute cancellation
    Last minute cancellation happens due to emergencies and unavailability of operating room (on the day decided) or due to unavailability of staff or supplies.

  1. Pre Anaesthetic Screening
    Certain PAC’s(Pre-Anaesthetic Checklist) have to be performed to decide whether the patient is fit for surgery. With the exception of emergency surgery, usually patients should be haemodynamically stable and their vital signs normal before starting anaesthesia.
    Strategy to avoid cancellation
    Patients should receive proper preoperative screening and assessment well in advance, using a standardized checklist.
  1. Pre Operating Room Planning
    This can happen due to hospital with long waiting list for its OT. In such case, surgeons might assign less time for the previous surgery which might lead to delay or even cancellation of the immediate next surgery.
    Strategy to avoid cancellation
    Minimization of delays with proper co-ordination can increase theatre time.
  2. Decision Making & Cost
    More often, patients take second opinion from other doctors which makes them feel that a certain procedure may not give the desired results. Hence, they do not opt for surgery even after being advised for. Patient may also find the cost of surgery too expensive which might lead to cancellation of surgery.Strategy to avoid cancellation
    A well discussed aftercare plan and budget should help to avoid this and can also help patient take a clinically informed decision.


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